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Examples of our work

Diversity Matters
Managing Stress

Diversity Matters -

'Diversity itself is not the problem.† The problem lies in our attitude to diversity' - Dupont (1997)

Managing Stress -

'He who knows others is clever, he who knows himself is enlightened' - Lao Tzu

"As a Training Manager, my primary concern is that the trainers deliver training of high quality that meets the needs of my Associationís members.Judeline Nicholas has not only answered that concern but her training always exceeds expectations.Her approach combines professionalism and empathy, knowledge and warmth.She facilitates the learning by establishing strong rapport with the learners, linking course objectives with personal/professional needs and by leading the group, when appropriate.Her courses always reflect her own passion for learning, a passion which enthuses her learners, combining excellent listening skills with a huge store of knowledge on her chosen subjects.Lastly, but equally importantly, she approaches her training with humour and a genuine warmth for the people with whom she works, both as learners and clients."

- Alison Ryan, Acting Training Manager, ATL.