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Delivered in the magnificent Cumberland Lodge, located in the wonderful surroundings of Windsor Great Park.


Focus on being limitless, by rediscovering the simple joys of 'you' time... a time to breathe freely.

Be Limitless - A Retreat for The Soul

Be Limitless - is a one day retreat, designed to realign and recalibrate your 'sense of self'.

Whenever we're frustrated in our desires - be it 'to be happy or successful etc', there's inevitably a value that blocks our way.  A value that we've inherited or learned that is incompatible with what we actually aspire to.  Sometimes we have already compromised on it. Either way, we're not being true to ourselves which leads to frustration and sadness.

Is this you?  Are you a 'good' woman?  Do you look after everyone and everything?  Do you have a successful professional life or have you reached that Perspex ceiling? Have you done everything to survive the trials of life and reached the point in your life where you ask yourself... what now... is this it?

Then, this uniquely developed programme is for you. Created to support you to unfold your wings and fly; unfettered!  After all, the things that excite you aren't random; they are connected to you for a purpose.

Do you ever wonder what happened to you?

This one day retreat, offers a beautiful space to truly focus on being limitless, by rediscovering the simple joys of 'you' time... a time to breathe freely.

An innovative day delivered in the magnificent Cumberland Lodge that is steeped in royal history and located in the wonderful surroundings of Windsor Great Park. The programme takes particular advantage of being so close to glorious nature, to the trees and lakes, of being away from the hustle and bustle and distraction of the everyday.

This programme has limited places so that you will be cared for both body and spirit. Energy and peace with fun and laughter is the order of the day with the opportunity to learn techniques to channel your power towards your limitless possibilities, to share and exchange experiences in a supportive environment.  However... you will not be sitting passively and watching life float by just because that’s the way it has always been. Be aware - we aim high so be prepared to soar!

Be a rebel and look at those 'rules'. There is a better way not just for you but for all those around you.

The day is tailored especially for you to re-discover and re-align your hopes and aspirations... and even find new ones.

Stop doing and start being... kind to yourself.

There is an old saying 'Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over it became a butterfly'. Come fly with us and find those beautiful wings!

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