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BLOG 28 Oct 2011

I was in the audience for a presentation by Elizabeth Kuhnke, author of ‘Persuasion and Influence for Dummies’.  She is a very entertaining speaker and interestingly she repeated some of the things David Reynolds also spoke about in terms of attitude being a key component in success. 

In essence, be aware of your behaviour on others; live in integrity and demonstrate honesty, trust to develop an emotional connection.

Based on what she said I have concluded that a sound equation would be:

Respect + Rapport = Results

Living positive would mean letting go of the ‘should, can’t and but’ and start using ‘could, can and will’.

Is that easy to do?  I think that developing new habits will mean also being aware of our relationships ...who do you spend time with?  Are they supportive or do they find the flaws?

I recall the words of Oscar Wilde who said: “Reach for the moon and even if you miss it you will land on the stars”

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